Sunday, 2 November 2014

Television- The apprentice week 1

This was the first episode of the new series, usually in the first episode of each series Lord sugar gives the candidates a product in which to sell and the team that makes the most money wins. This time he gave them all of the products from the past 9 series to sell. 
The teams are split into boys vs girls and this year Lord sugar has taken on an extra 6 candidates this year so that he can make the show a bit more juicy because of the fact that he can fire more than one each week. This has made the show much more interesting than previous years.

The boys team went wrong straight away because they didn't work out what had the highest value and in the end they weren't able to sell the T-shirts they also spent to much time faffing with gourmet hot dogs and Lord sugar stated later on that they would have sold just as well without all the extras but the T-shirts was the main reason for losing the challenge.

The girls team although they only sold the T-shirts for a small amount making no profit they did manage to sell them and all the other items for a good amount, they seemed quite focused and where productive on this challenge. In the end the girls team won and they showed that they where able to sell a range of different products to different markets.
The show is particularly interesting because of the mix of personalities this year, already there has been conflict between the team members. It's interesting the way it shows what each person is like and as the show goes on week by week you see what people are really like and how they handle each situation.

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