Sunday, 30 November 2014

Creative people-YouTube

On YouTube I came across a channel called Ten second songs and basically he recreates a song so that it is as if sung by 20 different artists but all of these are done using his own voice. It's really cleverly done because although he is using effects it's interesting to watch because it makes it hard to remember the lyrics when it's in a different style. It's something a bit different and obviously it must take hours for him to film and edit what turns into a 4 minute video.
The person who makes the videos is called Antony Vincent and his channel currently has 1,040,915 subscribers and his videos have 40,275,543 views. He  only has 11 videos and has only been running the channel for 8 months, it's incredible how fast his channel has gown and it shows that real talent can get you out there.
Link to his channel

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