Sunday, 2 November 2014

Television-The apprentice week 2

This week the challenge was to create wearable technology and Lord sugar put froward Roberts name as the project manager because he is more fashion orientated he didn't end up being project manager and then he kept pushing the team on what to do even though it wasn't his decision. 
The person who ended up being project manager was Scott, straight away you can see that he wasn't going to be a good team leader because when they didn't like his idea he completely withdrew and then said that he wasn't going to take the blame. 
The boys team had the idea of making a jumper with a screen on so that you could upload any photo you  wanted, when they went to make the prototype the idea had already had been done and would take to long. The group of boys that went to make the prototype had to come up with a new product on the spot and had no clear direction as the project manger went off to pick fabric, when really he should have been with the others making the decisions. They created a jumper with a camera and some lights on which didn't look great and the team members tarnished any chance they had by saying "I wouldn't wear it in public" if he wouldn't then how could they expect anyone else to want it.

The girls team had the idea to make a jacket with lights a phone charger and a heater, the problem with this was that there where to many components the management seemed okay with this team but when they went to the clients they didn't like that there where to many things. Also when the prototype came there where solar panels on the shoulders which didn't really look appealing. They should have stuck to one or two of the idea's they had and developed them.
In the end the girls won but not by much this was due to the fact that their idea was better than the boys but it still could have been better. One thing the teams could have done is tailored their product to fit the clients they where meeting, such as JD sport they could have made sports wear or something that would fit in with sport. I think if the teams had worked better together then they would have both done a lot better.

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