Friday, 31 October 2014

People-Lord sugar

Alan Sugar also know as Lord Sugar is an icon in Britain and all over the world, he has made a massive impact on the home, computer and electronics industry and has brought so much business to the UK. 
He started from nothing when he was in school he had a little job at a green grocers and then when he left school he spent his entire savings £50 on stock which he sold out of the back of his van.
Sir Alan Sugar at the BAFTA's crop.jpg
He then went from selling car aerials and electronic goods to selling house hold goods and he's built a name for himself from nothing, he also runs a big TV show The Apprentice which had become really popular over the past few years and this year is the tenth year the show has been running so it is clearly successful.
Although Lord Sugar comes across as quite hard faced and a bit of a bully, I think the reasoning for this is that he has come from nothing and he doesn't like people who try and be fake or aren't what they claim to be. Lord Alan Sugar today is worth £900 million that is amazing considering he was an assistant at a green grocers.

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