Sunday, 23 November 2014

Campaign ads- NHS stop smoking

You may have seen pictures like this around on billboards, TV adverts, leaflets or on cigarette packets and the picture look pretty disturbing but do they actually work? The idea behind these horrible images is to shock people who smoke into seeing what they are actually doing to their bodies. 
In my opinion I don't think it works, now the images are on cigarette cartons and they are just as bad if not worse than the one's you see on TV, this is obviously because people who don't smoke don't need to see this kind of images. But as for those who do more disturbing images are needed but the people who buy them seem to ignore the warnings and the affects of smoking, they seem to think it won't happen to them and seem to be in a state of denial. 
These adverts have also gotten to the point of using children in their ads to show parents and other people that smoking not only harms you but harms your family too. Still though it doesn't make people stop and it makes you wonder how far these adverts can and will go to actually affect people. 

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