Friday, 14 November 2014

Television- The Apprentice week 5

This week the teams had to make a coach tour and fill 25 seats and sell them to make the most profit.
Team Summit and team Tenacity both had the same kind of idea of a history tour but the approaches where quite different. 
Team Tenacity's tour seemed more like a tour you would actually go on, their pricing was more realistic and the team seamed to know what they where doing. Although the team manager Daniel who is supposed to be a good sales man sold none of the tickets. They won in the end because they made the most profit and this was due to selling their tickets for higher prices and getting the best deals. So although they didn't sell out they did well. Also their tour was better because Lauren spent a long time studying the night before and delivered the information really well. The team also had a good idea to make custom bags with photo's on for the tourists which was a nice little extra cash maker.

Team Summit didn't have the best of starts at all Sanjay who is supposed to have managed a bank just randomly plucked a price for the tickets out of no where without a thought process and well he should have written out a rough idea to where the pricing point was going to be and what would cost what. The team didn't win because although they sold all their tickets they sold them for too little and didn't make as much as the other team despite selling off extras at the end. One of the team members Blanca made a big mistake by saying to the last group that they where their last change which made it so that they got played a bit and the price was dropped from £60 to £40 for 9 places which was a huge loss.  The tour they produced was not as good as the other's groups, it seemed quite childish and they didn't really know that much about the places and for the amount the guests paid it was a poor standard.

What I liked and learnt from this episode is that you should stick to the brief you are given and plan, if you deviate from the brief it won't be what had been asked of you and ultimately you will pay the price and in this case you get fired

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