Sunday, 23 November 2014

John lewis advert 2014

Like every year we see the John Lewis christmas ad which comes out in early November and every year they find some way of pulling on your heart strings and making their adverts so beautiful. They always have a really nice narrative and are executed really well. 
This one if you haven't already seen it is about a penguin that wants a partner to love him and he goes around with his owner and see's all the couples that are all loved up. He is obviously sad because he hasn't got anyone and so for Christmas the boy buys him a partner. You can see how happy he is and the boy is happy that his friend no has someone.
The message at the end is nice too, this advert is really clearly conveying the idea that John Lewis is the place to go to find gifts that people dream of. I just think that everything about this advert is amazing and I wouldn't change it at all, the song called Real Love by Tom Odell. It is quite slow and the piano makes it seem more intimate and personal. I like the way they have used a child actor for the ad and that he doesn't understand what the penguin want's but then he gets what he keeps looking for. It's nice the way he wants to give something back to his friend.

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