Friday, 14 November 2014

Advert Trends.

Recently there have been a couple of adverts on TV that have had elephants in them, this has become a sort of trend. Animal CGI has become quite advanced in the past year which you can see in recent films such as dawn of the planet of the apes, they look really good and although you can still tell they aren't real it won't be long till the advancements make it so you won't be able to tell the difference. The Money super market advert is one of the first to use the elephant, it looks pretty realistic apart from the dancing. This ad was made by Mother London who made a boring topic like car insurance entertaining and funny.
Mr Kipling - Life is Better with Cake

The next ad that uses a CGI elephant is the Mr Kipling ad it's got the same concept of a dancing elephant. The difference with this advert is that it's made more fun and more for a younger audience, also the elephant is pink this is probably because Kipling make things like French fancies which are pink and batten berg. I really like the playful nature of this ad. I at first thought the two ads where made by the same person but they weren't. This one is made by JWT London, both the companies have made their ads with similar points, such as they have iconic and catchy songs and also both of the adverts have a fist bump in them. 
 It's quite interesting the similar points in the two adverts that work so well and so they have been used in both and are successful without being to similar. It's also great how two different companies have managed to create a good advert for topics that are completely unrelated.

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