Sunday, 30 November 2014

Adverts-flora gold

This advert like many other butter ads is a family kind of ad, it just has a really weird feel to it. The basic concept is that the dad has got the butter and is cooking dinner whilst singing and the children film it and laugh at him. I just think it is a rubbish concept for an advert. You can see that they have obviously tried to make it comical but it just doesn't work, it comes across very cheesy and it seems to scripted. He pulls the butter out of the fridge and reads the description but it doesn't seem like something you would say when pulling butter out of the fridge even if it was a new type. Also the way he turns he stops singing and turns when he notices people watching is to rehearsed you can see that he stops and turns to much like he knew they where there. I think that they could have came up with a better advert. I feel that the music was the only thing that worked in this ad 

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