Saturday, 15 November 2014

Argos Aliens

Argos started with this alien family idea which is really interesting as it shows how we live from a different perspective, It's clearly a family advert and has a humorous twist showing the aliens adjusting to life on Earth. The message of the adverts is always really clear, so Argos is a quick and easy way to shop and even aliens can do it.  I like how they have made a story out of it and they bought the new baby alien into the adverts, they have done a really good job of the adverts by adding little jokes here and there for instance the dad alien says that he brought a nose hair trimmer for his aunt. Then there are the adverts like the one where they find out they are having a baby and the role is reversed so that the dad is the one who carries the baby and it becomes funny because you see the different stages and they are exaggerated like the cravings and the first baby scan. Then at the end you see the baby and they have managed to make it look really cute by making it's eyes huge. Little things like adding a story line people can relate to helps to make adverts successful. 

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