Sunday, 2 November 2014

Television- The Apprentice week 3

This weeks task was to make home fragrance products and sell them for the highest price and to win all they had to do is make the most money. Lord sugar decided to mix the teams up so a few people from team Summit moved over to team Tenacity and vice versa.
Team tenacity split into two and one half went to gather market research and the other half went with the team leader to decide how to make the candle and what ingredients to use, where they went wrong was the fact that they ignored what they found in the market research which was to not colour the wax and instead the coloured it yellow. They're design was good but I think that because of the black packaging it looked quite high end and so they found it easy to sell.

Team summit had a good design with their candle Beach dreams it was packaged really nicely they didn't colour the wax and used soy wax which is more organic and doesn't leave that black dust, it looked high end but not intimidating to the public so the selling of their product to the public went well, but they went wrong because the team didn't stick to a price point and where just selling for whatever they could. The team also made a mistake which could have been what cost them they're positions, this was the fact that the man at the luxury hotel wanted to buy the candles and the reed diffusers and yet the deliberately sold all the reed difusers, which lost them quite a bit of money.

Team Summit managed to sell all their stock while team Tenacity did have stock left over in the end team Summit lost because they didn't stick to their price point. 

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