Sunday, 23 November 2014

Print ad- Asda kim kardashian paper recreation.

This advert featuring Kim Kardashian has been a massively popular recently and although it has no purpose it does what it is supposed to do and goes viral to the point where it's ridiculously well known. Kim Kardashian posed for this in a magazine called paper just to create a stir and  keep people talking about her.

Asda saw the big deal with this and recreated it into an advert for people to buy they champagne for Christmas, it's quite a clever idea because although it may be controversial a lot of people will know and talk about the Paper ad, this will then generate the conversation about Asda remaking the advert and then this will also be quite well known. They have kept as close as they can to the original advert finding someone who looks a bit like her, they have also used similar type faces. It's also strange how their may be adverts or thingd in maagazines that you don't agree with but if it's what's popular and it works, then that's what is going to get your advert out there.

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