Saturday, 15 November 2014

Anchor cheddar advert

This is one of those adverts that you see on TV and actually watch. I like the way it's presented as you can clearly see that the target audience is adults and people with a busy life style. The way that they have put the message across about, slowing down and spending time doing nothing and enjoying being at home with a free schedule makes the advert quite relaxing but at the same time there are children running around. It seems quite contradictory but it's nicley presented as a day spent with family. And the simple idea of cheese on toast as it is a quick and nice meal that you can have any time of the day. 
Another thing that I like with this advert is that it has picked out two things that people like to watch the most, cats and babies which you can find all over YouTube and people love them. It was quite a smart idea to put them into the advert. It has some funny parts like the baby on the ceiling and the man who had his make-up done by the child and it's kept interesting. The shots of the bubbling cheese on toast are nicely added in so that you don't forget what the ad is about and it has been time lapsed so that the ad doesn't go on for too long and people don't lose interest.

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