Friday, 30 January 2015


Text Santa is something that happens every year since 2011, it is basically a huge fund raiser for UK charities which are different each year. It's a great cause but it also creates awareness for
The Alzheimer's Society.
The Guide Dogs For The Blind Association.
Marie Curie Cancer Care.
Teenage Cancer Trust.
Together For Short Lives.
and WellChild
Text Santa.svg
They play clips of each of the charities and tell you a bit about them so that you know who and what you are helping to achieve by donating money to the cause. Some of the charities people don't really understand or know what they do, the charities are all UK based charities so we actually see where the donations are going. They are always presented by the top presenters that everyone knows of such as Philip Schofield and Ant & Dec. Text Santa even though it hasn't been around for very long everyone recognizes it, I was at work the other day and we had a little badge money collection and a child aged around 8 just said "oh look it's Text Santa, so it goes to show that Text Santa reaches a huge number of people in the UK of all ages.