Sunday, 9 November 2014

Television- The apprentice week 4

This week on the apprentice the challenge was to create a YouTube channel and post  2 video's within 48 hours and the team with the most view wins.

Team Tenacity had the idea of a fitness theme but I feel that they really had a bad idea and a lot of people would find the fat daddy thing offensive. Anyone on YouTube will tell you that if something can be taken the wrong way, it will be and that's when you are in trouble. The whole thing just came across as bullying, but at the same time Felipe was the one who volunteered and put forward this idea. Ella wasn't a very good team manager, she just jumped on with the first idea and her team mentioned to her about it being offensive but she didn't want to know. A good team manager would have made sure all the team members where happy with the idea. The colabaration with the Lean machines I think is where they got the majority of views.
Team Summit had Solomon as the team leader, I think they had a better idea from the start, but I don't think it would have gone so well without the collaboration with Oli White, The idea of food challenges is a popular thing on YouTube and has been for a while so I think they did a good job on this one. If the people in the video didn't look so uptight and uncomfortable then I think they would have a lot more views.
Overall team Summit won with the most views and the better concept, I think what really helped team Summit out was the fact that they had done a lot of research into who to collaborate with and what theme to go with but they should have done a bit more research into their target market as the video was a bit silly and more for a younger audience than they wanted. 

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