Friday, 31 October 2014

Content creators - Jack Harries

Recently I viewed this speech on YouTube by Jack Harries, other people may now him from his YouTube channel called JacksGap. In this speech he talks about how he can call himself a content creator and the reason is because of his audience, like many You-Tubers he started out as just a "voice amongst millions" when he first started he enjoyed being on YouTube and then he started university and stopped making content for YouTube, he found himself unhappy and made a big decision to leave university and do what made him happy, he wasn't sure if the whole thing would work out but he took that chance.
The reason for You-Tubers being on YouTube is to connect and make a name for themselves and through this they wish to communicate and inspire others. The ones on YouTube that are most popular and who are well known got there through, luck,desire,hard work and dedication, but along with the popularity on YouTube there is also a fair share of hate such as hate comments or hate mail.

There are also people who are on YouTube for the wrong reasons people who just want to be famous and don't want to put in the work for it those people abuse the power that YouTube has but they wont last long in the YouTube world. It's amazing the way that YouTube is now this huge community of people and the audience is the only reason its successful, it's great because it changes and the content is adapted to coming and going trends so they are always up to date with what is current. Thr Video is really affective because of the person he is and how he has made the video, the setting is simple, the music is subtle and it connects to the audience.

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