Sunday, 19 October 2014

Online Retail

A while back I came across a website called Etsy, the basic concept is an on-line shop where you buy directly from the seller, the sellers are usually small businesses that want to widen their audience. The website is international and converts into all currencies anyone with a small business can sell their items on the site. 
Their design is nice and simple, but at the same time it's easily recognisable with the basic font that's almost identical to Times New Roman. The orange is quite attractive as there arent many well known brands with an orange logo.
Their website fits really well with the brand it's nice and clean and I like the way that the products are laid out in a collage kind of way, The navagation is really clean and easy so anyone can use the website. I like that the website has a large range of vintage and antique items, it brings in a whole new crowd of people.

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