Sunday, 5 October 2014

Music/visual arts - Celebrity endorsement

Everyone likes to listen to music and watch music video's and now the creators of music video's are doing something more than they have ever done before, advertising within music video's. 
This is where celebrity endorsement comes in a company will go to the producer of the video or even the singer themselves and ask them to feature their product  in their video. 

It can be seen in many examples such as Party rock anthem- LMFAO. This is cherrytree cola which is a soft drink that they have promoted in this video, the drink is also linked with cherry tree records.

The next one is a song that CLEARLY advertises LG phones in a clever way that it has based the video around them, its All american rejects- I wanna. I think that it's really clever the way they have used the phones as a sort of video collage.  But as you can see from the photo's they are all different makes of LG and the video they shove the fact that it's LG in your face.

In some ways I think that celebrity endorsment is good if done right, like in the All american rejects video. They have done it so that it makes sense and looks good with the song. I don't like the way they have used it in the LMFAO's video, because it is kind of out of place. They are dancing in the middle of the road, there wouldn't just be a bottle of cola sitting there. If they had made it in a way which it made more sense, such as opening a fridge and it was on the shelf. 
Now we see this kind of advertising all the time and it's more like subliminal messages because we don't always realize it's there.

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