Sunday, 19 October 2014

Adverts- The Cog by Honda

Honda made an advert in 2003 called The Cog the basic concept is a chain reaction using all the different parts of a car, from the nuts and bolts to the windscreen wipers. The advert is quite long at nearly 2 minutes so they would of had to put this advert on a time when people are actually going to be sitting and watching it, which would probably be around tea time. And the obvious target audience would be male adults ages between 25-40 as the car advertised is quite practical and suitable for a family car.
The agency that worked on this ad was Weiden and Kenedy they worked with large companies such as Nike, Coca cola, Facebook and Microsoft. This was an amazing advert and won a large number of awards in 2003 and 2004.  During the making of this advert you may see that they where not able make everything happen so perfectly so they used computer generated imaging to fill in the gaps, things like making the water spray show up where the main concerns. Overall I think that it was a well made and thought out advert, although later on Honda and Weiden and Kenedy faced accusations of plagiarism  but there was never a law suit against them.

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