Sunday, 12 October 2014

Advertisments-John lewis Christmas ad

The past few years John Lewis have created really amazing adverts, they did the snow man one a couple years ago and last year they did this one with the bear and the hare. You can see that a lot of thought has been put into the story of the advert the way that the bear almost misses Christmas because he is hibernating.
It's inspiring the way they can grab at your emotions, it takes you through different stages because you see the friendship between the bear and the hare and as the winter comes the bear starts to get tired and the hare is sad because his friend has to go away. As the story develops you see that the hare is sad because the bear wont get to spend Christmas with him and so the hare brings him a present while he is sleeping this turns out to be an alarm clock, which wakes him on Christmas day so he doesn't miss it. It's one that really touches your heart and makes you feel all sentimental. 
The music goes amazingly well with the advert the song is called Somewhere only we know by Lily Allen, they chose this song really well because it has that nice soft almost sleepy tone which fits really well with the bear and also then there is the chorus which is more like the hare. I also think that the whole advert fits really well for a Christmas, because this is the time of year that you are around your family and close friends more. They just captured the essence of Christmas so well.

John Lewis haven't just stopped there, they also made it so there was a full story that people could read of read to their children, you can download this for ipad iphone and android, so again appealing to a wide range of people on many platforms.

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