Sunday, 19 October 2014

Design- Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen is one of the UK's most famous fashion designers known all over the world, his work is well known for being of the highest quality, big celebrities such as lady gaga who was a friend of his wore his designs. He is an amazing artist when it comes to clothing design, he some how manages to capture the juxtaposition between "fragility and strength" 
His work has grown in popularity over the past few years since the death of the designer, but still in his death he continues to make his mark on memorable events such as, the duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton's wedding dress was designed by Sarah Burton who was partner to Alexander McQueen. You can see that the dress was inspired by and has aspects of his design throughout. The lace bodice worn by the duchess is a signature hallmark by Alexander McQueen. He has created quite a name for himself and also gained a hefty price tag the duchess's dress alone had a price tag of £250,000

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