Sunday, 5 October 2014

Brand design - Lush

 I really like the way Lush's website has been made, it has a really sleek design to it, everything is really clear and easy to navigate, they always put up really nice photographs and they are just a great brand. On their website the way that they set out their products is clear and spacious, I like the way that they have put the best rated products larger than the others.
They have a good clear logo and it is easily recognisable they have good morals which work in their favour people really think of this company as friendly and they have all sorts of campaigns in place such as the animal testing one and the gay rights campaign. Things like this really help their custom because all people whether gay, straight, vegetarian, vegan or if you don't like products that have been tested on animals. it appeals to them.
They are also really consistent with packaging and the way their shop looks, it all fits together well to make a well put together brand. The design of lush's website was made by  they specialize in design integrated brand, product and service experiences.

Images found on Google images or from the lush website.

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