Sunday, 7 December 2014

YouTube film maker Sawyer Hartman

Sawyer Hartman is a content creator on YouTube he is mostly known for his short films and more serious video's. He has made a variety of short films from horror to comedy and they are all presented, edited and directed really well.
One of my favorite short films made by him is Strangers, this is a horror film and basically a man was going to propose to his girlfriend and she said no and it continues from there into people in masks terrorizing the main characters.
The use of shots makes this look really good and it makes it feel quite eerie and makes it a horror, certain things like the long distance shots obviously gives the impression of being watches and the fact that the camera is hand held and shaky in parts gives you the feeling that there is an actual person watching. There are cliche things that you see. It's a well conducted video and I think that his work is quite inspirational.

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