Sunday, 7 December 2014

McVities advert

You may have seen the new McVities adverts on TV and on YouTube featuring cute animals coming out of biscuit packets its a strange idea, but it is one of those adverts that just captures your attention. They used kittens in one of them and the slogan at the end was "the chocolaty snuggle of McVities. Everyone loves kittens, they are a big thing on YouTube and all over the internet and so this was an advantage to this ad. The advert is trying to convey that McVities chocolate digestives bring  you the same joy that kittens do. The music for this one I noticed is the same as the faulty towers theme tune and that was something a lot of people used to watch, so the music grabs the attention of the older audience. 

They have done a series of these ads, the other one I like is the one with the Tarsier in here I think that the message is that jaffa cakes are that good you wont want to share them. I like this advert because the man in it is really exited by the Tarsier and then it's pupils go huge and they look like a jaffa cake. so it fits really well and I just think that the ad was a successful because it was cute and weird and captures your attention.

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