Sunday, 7 December 2014

Adverts-Singing in the rain Volkswagon

Volkswagen have made their advert from 2005 based on the musical singing in the rain, they remade the singing in the rain song but with a modern street dance twist, the actor from the musical Gene Kelly was a tap dancer which was a bit outdated for the advert, so they modernized it but tried to keep in to the original features.
This is the original film and then below you can see the Volkswagen's version. Obviously there are a few differences such as the mannequins in the window and the colour and lighting is better, but that's to be expected. I think that this fits really well with the slogan at the end "The original updated" I like concept behind taking an old classic and updating it because sometimes it doesn't work and people don't always like when a classic is remade. Like when there are sequels to films that should never have been made, this advert works because it's a comical version that engages the audiences attention. They then just slip the car in at the  end like hes happy about the car.

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