Sunday, 28 September 2014

Coca Cola ad

A while ago I noticed this ad at bus stops and in magazines from Coca cola, it looks okay at first like a normal ad but then upon closer inspection you can see that for some unknown reason they have airbrushed the man's nipple out out. I think that it is a silly thing to do and what was the reasoning behind this. The intention of sex appeal was there other wise they wouldn't have used a topless man, airbrushing out his nipple  is a massive contradiction. I just find this to be quite odd.


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  1. An excellent start Deeanne! Use the headings we discussed on Monday such as; Politics, Society, Visual Arts, Culture, Advertising, Design etc at the start of every post to help you contextualise your discussion. A really diverse range of posts, if you see ad's out & about try to find out what agency/studio worked on them, good for your professional development. Well done!